Banneker Clock Company Chicago Project

Banneker Clock Company Chicago Project

Create Jobs, Inspire Dreams, Offer Hope and Provide Opportunities.

The mission has always been to establish a manufacturing presence in the United States and now we have zeroed in on Chicago as the location. Our goal is to build the Banneker Clock Factory in Chicago. The factory will design, manufacture, and produce clocks for schools, offices, government buildings, and of course home use. In addition to clocks the factory will be used to assemble (and eventually also manufacture) graduation watches, jewelry and other Banneker ancillary products as well. 

The goal is to develop a long-term manufacturing presence and to create jobs/careers in order to help positively impact a community that is in desperate need of assistance. In addition to jobs and internships created directly by the factory, Banneker is dedicated to using part of the facility space as a Community Center and/or Career Academy designed to provide secondary education opportunities and creative outlets for everyone from High School Students to Senior Citizens.  Creative and Professional Internships, STEM based education, Technology for older adults, Music, and Design Classes will be just some of the things offered with the goal to enhance the lives of all all residents and to provide alternative education and opportunities for young adults to get real life training and experience designed to help them develop and prepare for career opportunities with Banneker and other Leading Corporations we will partner with in developing this program.    

We hope to make a positive impact in Chicago that results in less violence and more productivity while tapping into some of the amazing talent we have seen wasted in the past and preparing these young adults to become productive members of the corporate work force.  

We are proud to partner with Joe Madison - The Black Eagle on this endeavor. A portion of all sales of The Black Eagle Watch will be donated to the Chicago Project and used to help establish the above programs and others designed to positively impact a community in desperate need. We thank Joe, his wife Sherry, their team, and all his amazing listeners for their never-ending support, inspiration, and encouragement.

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